For Foreign Applicants

Teaching economic science at St. Petersburg University has a long history, dating back to 1819. In 1940 the Faculty acquired its present-day status and eventually became one of the biggest faculties of the University.
More than 150 Faculty professors and senior lectures, representatives of executive authorities, business people, professor of leading foreign universities, heads and experts of the national and international financial organizations teach our students. Our graduates work in the Government of the Russian Federation, in St. Petersburg Administration, in executive authorities of several foreign countries, hold leading positions in the major Russian and international companies. As a recognized centre for economic science, the Faculty efficiently facilitates scientific and research collaboration with its foreign partners in three main areas: teamwork research and development, conferences and joint publication of articles and books. The Faculty regularly holds international conferences on major problems of economic science development, on Russian economy, the international trading system, the role of Russia in global economy and integrations associations like the CIS, SOC, BRIC.

The Faculty has over 100 foreign students, probationers and post-graduates from thirty countries from all over the world. It is an active participant in the programs for exchange academic training with European universities, launched within the framework of Bologna Process, as well as in Campus Europae and Erasmus Mundus projects. The Faculty offers its foreign students an opportunity to participate in the Summer School Business in Russia.

Academic and research staff: 609 (incl. 340 professor, 8 Academicians of Academy of Humanitarian Sciences, 71 Doctors of Economics, 190 Candidates of Economics (PhD)

Number of students: over 4000

Saint-Petersburg State University continues to accept applications from international students for 2015/16 academic year.


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