080100 – Economics

Bahelor training programme in the course «ECONOMICS»



Progamme objective


The programme objective is to train highly qualified specialists, capable of

  • Identifying and analysing the interconnections, which emerge in the economic systems of various level,
  • Collecting, analyzing and processing the data, needed for the solution of the set economic and financial problems,
  • Developing and adopting economic, financial and organizational decisions,
  • Evaluating their results, taking into account the criteria socio-economic effectivity,
  • Calculating the risk assessments and possible socio-economic consequences

The «Economics» programme is realized in following tracks:

  • Economic Theory, History and Policy
  • Finance, Credit, Insurance and Accounting
  • Business Economics and Innovations Management
  • Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Economics
  • Organization Management 
  • International Economic Relations and International Business


Scope of professional activities



The scope of SPSU Faculty of Economics bachelor-graduates professional activities include:

  • Economic, financial, marketing, HR, production and economic and analytical departments of the organizations from different industries, spheres and types of ownership
  • Financial, credit and insurance companies
  • State and municipal authority bodies
  • Academic and industry research organizations, technical parks structures
  • The institutions of the system of higher and secondary professional education, secondary general education, system of additional education



The programme in the «Economics» course in Saint-Petersburg State University combines classical fundamental University education with modern innovations of Russian and Western business education and is conducted in following modules:

  • Humanitarian and social cycle (philosophy, history, foreign languages, jurisprudence, sociology and others);
  • Economic cycle (economic theory, business economics, accounting and management accounting, marketing, management, finance, innovations management, personnel management, logistics and others);
  • Mathematical and natural science disciplines (Mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, operational research, simulational modeling, queuing theory and others);
  • Track disciplines
  • Optional disciplines.

Bachelor training tracks

General Information


Bachelor students of the «Economics» course study first two years on the general programme for bachelors. From the third year students are divided into tracks. The students division is made on the basis, from the one side of their request, and from the other side of students rating.

The tracks of the «Economics» programme




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