080400 – Personnel management

Personnel Management



Programme objective


Programme objective is to train bachelors of the high qualification, capable of:

- Making the strategic and economically justified decisions in the sphere of HR management;

- Applying modern standards, IT-technologies, innovational management methods for the development of HR policy and evaluating its economic efficiency;

- Developing and realizing measures, programmes and projects on labor stimulation and personnel remuneration, on working efficiency and qualification increase and employees career development, reducing the collective contentiousness level;

- Applying the knowledge of economic, social and phsychological fundamentals of selection, training and development of the personnel in the HR management under the organizational  changes. 



Scope of professional activities



  • Managers of the HR services of Russian and international companies and non-commercial organizations;
  • Specialists in recruiting agencies and employment services;
  • Analysts and consultants in HR management in consulting companies;
  • Entrepreneurs and specialists in the sphere of educational services of coaching and personnel training, development and introduction of innovational projects in HR management


The programme in the «Personnel Management» course in Saint-Petersburg State University combines classical fundamental University education with modern innovations of Russian and Western business education and is conducted in following modules:

  • Humanitarian and social cycle (philosophy, history, foreign languages, jurisprudence, sociology and others);
  • Economic cycle (economic theory, business economics, accounting and management accounting, marketing, management, finance, innovations management, personnel management, logistics and others);
  • Professional disciplines (labour law and HR administration, information technologies in personnel management, personnel marketing, economic evaluation of the HR projects, international labor market,  recruiting, personnel training and development, motivation and labour stimulation etc.);
  • Optional disciplines.

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