080500 – Business-informatics

Bachelor training programme in the course «BUSINESS-INFORMATICS»



Programme objective


Programme objective is to train bachelors of the high qualification, capable of:

  • Solving the problems of organization's business processes optimization, strategy regulation, business-processes, IT-infrastructure
  • Ensuring the information and analytical support of the business management decision-making
  • Working in the sphere of creation, operation, application and development of information systems management
  • Participating in the planning and organization of highly complex IT-projects implementation
  • Creating new businesses on the basis of innovations in the sphere of information and commucation technologies.



Graduates scope of activities



Our garduates work as:

  • Performers or executives in various information services of commercial, state, municipal organizations;
  • Performers and executives of the projects in the companies-developers of instrumental tools and software;
  • Business-analytics in economic, marketing, production and economic, analytical divisions of different organizations.



The programme in the «Business-informatics» course in Saint-Petersburg State University combines classical fundamental University education with modern innovations of Russian and Western business education and is conducted in following modules:

  • Humanitarian and social cycle (philosophy, history, foreign languages, jurisprudence, sociology and others);
  • Economic cycle (economic theory, business economics, accounting and management accounting, marketing, management, finance, innovations management, personnel management, logistics and others);
  • Mathematical and natural science disciplines (Mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, operational research, simulational modeling, queuing theory and others);
  • Professional disciplines (algorithms and programming, computers, systems and networks, data and knowledge bases, modeling of business-processes, information system design, information security, information law, business-analysis of information, project management, information system lifecycle management etc.);
  • Optional disciplines.

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