Bachelor Programs

In 2013 Faculty of Economics admits the students to the bachelor programmes in three courses:

080100 – Economics

080500 – Business-informatics

080400 – Personnel management

Admission is conducted according to the «Rules of admission to the Saint-Petersburg State University for major educational programmes of HIGHER professional education (bachelor programmes, specialist programmes, master programmes) in 2013»; to the places, financed from state budget as well as to the places with tuition fee for individuals and legal persons.

The time of mandatory educational programmes mastering is 4 years.

Admission to the bachelor programmes is conducted on the competitive basis. The entrants to the bachelor programmes pass three entrance tests: in Russian language, mathematics and social science. Profile subject is mathematics. All the subjects of entrance tests, including profile subjects are taken in the form of USE (Unified State Examination).

Open house hours for bachelor programmes are held on Tavricheskaya str. 21-23-25, Conference hall:

March        23      17.00

April          20      16.00

May           25      16.00

There are preparatory courses organized for the bachelor programmes entrants: +7 (812)-272-75-41.

Full information on the rules and procedures of bachelor and master programmes admission can be found on the website of Entrance Examination of SPSU:

You can ask your questions, related to the bachelor programmes admission on the telephone +7 (963) 320-15-99 (Saturdays, from 12 to 18), by e-mail or through the virtual reception desk of SPSU.

Bachelor programmes directorate: 191123, St. Petersburg, Chaikovskogo str. 62, room 220, tel.: +7 (812)-273-49-33

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